Annual Report of

Jamyang Choling Institute


2016 Annual Report of

Jamyang Choling Institute

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General Information:

In 2016 we had 137students, including 132 nuns and 5 lay students. Our Studies went smoothly throughout the year. We had five Philosophy teachers, and one Grammar teacher, as one of the Grammar teachers is still seriously ill and has required full- time care in bed. He is partially paralyzed, is unable to teach and is attending physical therapy.



In 10th June 2015 we elected our new Board of Directors (Fourth Team)

1. Geshe Tsultrim Gyatso was elected as Director 

2. Ven.Sonam Dekyi as Main Senior accountant

3. Ven.Tenzin Deden (B) as Assistant accountant

4. Ven. Thubten Chodon as Main Senior Cashier

5. Ven.Angdue Lamo as Assistant Cashier

6. Ven. Tenzin Chodon as Secretary

7. Ven.Tinley Chozom as Joint Secretary.


The seven-member Board comprises of a director (our) Director Philosophy teacher) and six nuns take full responsibility for the management of Jamyang Choling Institute. The Board held a meeting every three months to discuss the administration education, and health, as well as to problem solve, make decision and plan for the Institute's future.  


Jamyang Choling Institute is unique and among the first Tibetan Buddhist women's educational projects to be fully managed and administered by its own community of nuns and most of our students now have language skills, to communicate directly with officials both local people and the international community.



Fourth class studying their third year of "The Middle way (Uma). 

The fifth class studying their 2nd year of " The Middle way (Uma) and the sixth class studying their Perfection of Wisdom Sutras/ Parchin 5th year and seventh classes studying their 1st year Perfection of Wisdom Sutras/Parchin 1st year and Eight classes (or newly admitted group) Preliminary Buddhist Philosophy and Debate (Collective 1st year of Topics/Duetra' and ' Awareness and Knowledge/ Lorig) 

We were also able to attract few volunteer English teachers whom have come from Australia and Newzeland to teach English. Last year we welcomed two volunteer English conversation teachers, Mrs. Margaret (Australia) and Mrs. Gill (Newzeland) they gave valuable support to the English classes taught by volunteer teachers Ven. Dolma Tsering and Miss Tenzin Khadro.


Ven. Tenzin Chozom. Ven. Tsering Lhamo. Ven. Choying Zangmo. Ven.Tenzin Norzin are volunteering to drive our nunnery vehicle.  Ven. Lobsang Dolma. Ven Dolkar Lhamo are volunteering to tailor our nuns dress robes in their spare time.


Jamchoe/nuns annual debate:

From Jamyang Choling Institute 33 nuns, 2 girls and two Geshe Philosophy teachers attended Jang Gun-Choe nun's annual debate at Jangchub Choling Nunnery in South India from November 11th to December 11th 2016.



Ven. Thinly Chozom and Ven. Lobsang Lhamo  attended 2nd seminar of four major Tibetan school of Buddhist and Bon tradition which debate are organized on 21st  to 23rd March 2016 at Palpung Sherabling, Bir.

1. Geshema Chander Giani 

2. Geshema Tsering Dolma

3. Geshema Tenzin Lhadron

4. Geshema Lobzang Chodon

5. Geshema Lhamo Gurung

6. Geshema Rinchen Pal, participate for mind and life Conference at Derpung Monastery from 18th to 20th December 2016.


Geshemas degree:

Before joining the final four years Geshema Examinations we have to  complete at least 17th years of Buddhist philosophies in the five major texts (Perfection of wisdom sutra / Parchen, Madhymika/ middle way, Parmana/ Logic, Abhidharma/ Dharmakirtis Parmanavartiks and Vinaya) and languages study in our respective individual Nunneries Institution. The degree will open avenues of employment and opportunity to the nuns, as it makes them equally eligible as monks to assume various leadership roles in the monastic and lay communities. This way of graduating as Geshema is equivalent to PhD in modern academic setting. Our six nuns today became the first in the history of Tibetan Buddhism to receive the Geshema degree, the highest academic title in Tibetan Buddhism. His Holiness the Dalai Lama confers the degree to them at Drepung Monastery at South India December 22, 2016.


As we all know that the Tibetan Buddhist nuns in our generation are among the first group have been very fortunate to receive comprehensive education opportunity both traditional and secular due to the blessing and sympathetic support by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Without the cooperation and support of our teachers and sponsors the precious opportunities that are coming in our live are impossible. So we would like once again thank you very much for supporting us for many years. We think this encourage the young nuns to study hard and aim at doing this course so this is something young nuns can strive for.


In month of December 7th our students gave the annual exam papers and in the month of December 24th our students and teachers went to BodhGaya to attend Kalachakra Initiation from His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama.


How we have used your financial contribution"

The financial contributions we have received have been very beneficial to us. Due to our extensive expenses and the rising cost of living in India it was difficult year for Jamyang Choling financially. We did our best to provide educational facilities, food, accommodation, and healthcare to cover the basic needs of all of our 132 nuns, five lay students and our teachers.We were only able to carry on due to your support and we offer our sincere thanks and appreciation for your kindness. We truly appreciate your great generosity and kind support which has made for great positive change in terms of our education, well- being and the smooth functioning of the Institute.


Future Plans:

Jamyang Choling nuns practice debate, their primary learning method, for two sessions a day. Currently they have 3 hours when they do their debate practice outside on the grass. During the rainy season they are unable to continue with their debates outdoors and so their studies are affected. We would like to build a roofed debate area so the students can practice debate during the monsoon.


This means that our expense definitely increases these students will come from Himalayan communities and Tibetan exile community as in our communities the youth take special interest learning the Buddha Dharma but many of them are lack of teachers and facilities. So we feel it would be wonderful opportunity if Jamyang Choling Institute provides spiritual education in any society is very essential.


It is our sincere and genuine hope that you will be able to continue to provide us with financial assistance and we would appreciate your assistance in telling your interested friends about our mission and our needs. Your contributions make it possible for more sincere nuns and lay girls to benefit from authentic Dharma study and practice. We thank all our supporters and friends for your generous and caring support for our educational program, which we value so much.


We always do our best to keep expenses as low as humanly possible.  We are also grateful to those who have donated their time and energy to our nunnery, and to those who have encouraged and appreciated our work.


Your support is indispensable for our ongoing success, and we give thanks and prayers for the well being of all our supporters and friends each day. We wholeheartedly thank you for your continuing support of Jamyang Choling Institute.


May all mother sentient beings be happy and enjoy peaceful life.

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