Wish List

Wish List



 Estimated Cost*

We would like to build a roofed debate area so the nuns can practice debate outdoors during monsoon 


Seeking funds


  US $ 55,000

Sponsorship for  individual Nuns

Seeking funds

 US &360.00 Annually

* US$

(In U.S. Dollars)


Roofed roof:

Jamyang Choling nuns practice debate, their primary learning method, for two sessions a day. Currently they have 3 hours when they do their debate practice outside on the grass. During the rainy season they are unable to continue with their debates outdoors and so their studies are affected. We would like to build a roofed debate area so the nuns can practice debate during the monsoon.

Sponsorship for Nuns
another top priority at the moment for the Institute is to find individual sponsors for nuns. Each of them needs US 30 per month or USD 360 per year to sustain with their living and studying. We would like to call for friends and well-wishers around the world to please help us sponsor the afore- mentioned nuns so that this Institute could function continuously and smoothly as a role of providing dharma education and and training to the less privileged nuns and lay women. 
Please also Visit our Sponsor Page


Your interest and support are indispensable to our ongoing growth and success.

We would be grateful and will promise to utilize the gift to its utmost. Please extend your kind support.

Thank you very much.
Jamyang Choling Institute.



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